Presstube W/ James Paterson & Jeremy Felker

Presstube W/ James Paterson & Jeremy Felker

Sarah-Grace Mankarious W/CNN

Sarah-Grace Mankarious W/CNN

Raoul Marks

May 24 - 19:45


Raoul Marks is a two-time Emmy award winning and Bafta Nominated motion designer based in Melbourne, Australia. He is a long time collaborator with creative director Patrick Clair and the Los Angeles-based creative agency Elastic. Raoul’s work is primarily in film and television with a focus on title design.

Raoul has helped produce some of the most iconic title sequences in recent years, for TV shows including True Detective, Halt and Catch Fire, WestWorld and American Gods. He’s also been a keen enthusiast in exploring new applications of modern rendering technologies. In 2015, Raoul independently produced the opening titles for the design conference Semi-Permanent, setting new benchmarks for what single person studios can achieve within limited budgets and timeframes.

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High Castle, True Detective, The Night Manager, Halt and Catch Fire, WestWorld, American Gods